15 years later, Tuli goes home

As she approached her to help, she realized that there was more to Tuli that met the eye — she was mute.

Tuli poses for a photograph with her new born baby.
Parwati Tamata, our Auxiliary Nurse Midwife wraps Tuli’s baby as she looks on.
Tuli dances with our canteen staff as other patients gather in a circle.

Two months after her arrival, Tuli went into labor. She gave birth to a healthy baby boy after a smooth delivery in our maternity ward.

“The mothers are usually discharged after a day following a normal delivery, and it would have to be the same for Tuli. She no longer had a reason to occupy a bed in our maternity ward; but where would Tuli go?” said Nira Kumari Pun Magar our Auxiliary Nurse Midwife.

Our Deputy Nurse in Charge — Gauri Sunar & Urmila Basnet farewell Tuli.
In our Maternity Ward, Tuli points at an address in attempts to guide our staff to narrow down her hometown.

Within a few days, Tuli’s mother and brother arrived at Bayalpata to collect her.

Tuli reunited with her family — mother on left & brother on right.

As Tuli and her family left the hospital, feelings at Possible were bittersweet. While all the staff were delighted that Tuli was reunited with her family, her smiling presence would be greatly missed by all at Bayalpata Hospital.

Final Goodbye for Tuli.



Everyone, everywhere deserves high-quality healthcare

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