A #LifeWellTravelled In Rural Nepal, Pt II.

Meet Asmita, Possible’s Operations and Procurement Manager

In partnership with Cathay Pacific Airways, we’re highlighting how our work together is helping solve for the patient and deliver dignified healthcare to the world’s poor.

We’re talking with teammates to learn what a #LifeWellTravelled means to them. We sat down with our teammate Asmita, who runs operations at one of our hospital hubs.

(Also see our first post with Possible’s CEO, Mark Arnoldy)

What do you do at Possible?

I lead Operations and Procurement at Charikot Hospital in Dolakha, which was the epicenter of one of the major earthquakes that hit Nepal earlier this year. We focus on delivering the best services to our patients. I have been involved with Possible since December.

Waiting for dinner with part of Possible’s team in Dolakha this winter.

What was your experience like coming to Dolakha for this first time? What is it like now?

I was not in Nepal when the tragic earthquake hit. It was unbearably painful to be in a far away place and continuously hear about the disaster that shook not only the ground—but people’s courage and hope. Dolakha was one of those places that suffered dreadful damages. It was humbling for me to get an opportunity to come to Dolakha and work. It’s been inspiring to see how fast this place has taken the pace of development, how closely knit the people and communities are, and how they embody optimism to not just get back to normal, but to a better place.

Tell us about your recent travels, in and outside of Nepal.

Very recently I travelled to Achham District to see the services Possible is providing in another rural area of Nepal. Last year, I spent a significant amount of time traveling all around the world, visiting seven states in the U.S, six states in Mexico, and five countries in Europe. The program I travelled with was focused on developing global leaders.

Denver, Colorado

Describe what traveling around Nepal is like.

Traveling in Nepal is a soul enriching experience for me. Raw nature, simple people, and beautiful destinations are always the motivating factors when I think about traveling. Not all means of travel are very relaxing here (like public buses!), but the purpose certainly is.

Why is travel important to you?

I strongly believe that traveling roots you to your realities. It connects people to people, communities to communities, and countries to countries. See: people are people wherever you go. They are not much different from you, no matter where you come from. They have their own humor and horror. They have their own stories and dreams. Yes, some might still think about poverty 80% of the time and others might not, but love, hope and care for those who they care for is always the same. Knowing the differences and embracing them, finding the likeness, and celebrating them, is the key to a satisfying life. This is what traveling around these countries and places largely taught me. It’s important for me to send constant reminders to myself about where I belong and what more is to be done.

The Possible team in front of Charikot Hospital in Dolakha, Nepal

Finish this sentence: “A life well travelled, for me, means ________”

…a life filled with humility, empathy, vision, and larger dreams that will serve not just one person or community, but will contribute on a larger scale.”

Cathay Pacific Airways’ support of our integrated healthcare model means we can build Nepal’s healthcare system back better.

Everyone, everywhere deserves high-quality healthcare

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