Road to Recovery — Our year in Infographs

“The first year of our partnership with Possible has been remarkable! More than 58,000 people in Dolakha received high quality free healthcare. In the coming years, we will make great strides in ensuring a conducive environment for Public Private Partnership models to flourish.”
Minister for Health, Gagan Thapa

Following the massive earthquake on 12 May, 2015, the healthcare system of Dolakha district was devastated. Nine thousand people lost their lives, 2.5 million people became homeless and 85% of the healthcare facilities were damaged or destroyed.

Our Public Private Partnership began on 24 January, 2016. We are proud to now celebrate one year of services together. Here is our impact so far:

While Nepal has successfully utilized Public Private Partnership (PPP) model in multiple sectors, there is limited experience with PPP in healthcare. Its Constitution of 2015 guarantees the right to healthcare for all Nepali citizens, however public sector healthcare systems have been insufficiently resourced to provide for this right.

“I had uterine prolapse when I was 24. Had to live with pain, shame and suicidal thoughts for 46 years. Now, at the age of 70, I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off me.”

— Bishnumaya Khadka, 70, after her hysterectomy surgery.

“I was 13 years old when I gave birth to Priya. The doctors had counselled that pregnancy at my age could be fatal. Six years later, I got pregnant again.” — Read Bimala’s experience

“I think I will live to be over 100. It feels like a miracle; with God’s grace, my hernia is removed after all these years.”
Singh Bahadur Karki, 97 — strangulated hernia surgery.

So far we have carried out 273 major surgeries including Cesarean, hernia, hydrocele, appendix, fractures and more. Read patient narratives.

“No one will be deprived of quality healthcare at Possible, despite their economic status.” — Dr. Binod Dangal. In the last 12 months, we have been successful in solving for more than 58,000 patients.

As we look forward to a healthcare system that can provide citizens throughout the country affordable, high-quality healthcare, the lessons from the Charikot experience must be heeded. Working together across sectors, we can build a better and more equitable Nepal, where quality healthcare is guaranteed.

Our initial experience with PPP management at Charikot has demonstrated improved effectiveness of the public-sector healthcare system, with increased service delivery, higher quality of services provided, expanded learning opportunities, and enhanced management structures. Yet it has also experienced challenges, including effective stakeholder collaboration, lack of clarity surrounding PPP policy, and effective mechanisms to integrate staff.

Overall, patients in Dolakha district have benefited greatly from PPP at Charikot Hospital, and while challenges remain, we are optimistic about the model’s ability to provide high-quality public-sector healthcare.

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